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⭐ Buy Instagram Views

Do you want to increase your reach on social media? Buying Instagram views is a perfect tool to boost your profile. Instagram added the video sharing feature soon after the platform was founded. In this way, they compete with YouTube and other popular streaming platforms. Now that Instagram is getting bigger and bigger, it’s smart to buy views if you want to become ‘instafamous’. If you are ready to shine and seriously promote and boost your Instagram profile, buying views is the first step to celebrity.

βœ… Best quality: Our views don’t come from cheap profiles

βœ… The views increase your reach on Instagram and ensure that your videos are viewed by more people

βœ… 100% No-Risk delivery without damage to your account

βœ… Better stats!

βœ… Organic, gradual delivery to make it look 100% real

What are views on instagram?

Instagram Views when the feature first came out could be up to 15 seconds long, now your videos can be 120 seconds long. This means you have more time to get your message across. Instagram has gone from a photo sharing app to one of the largest social media platforms in the world. However, sometimes due to the high competition it can be very difficult to get enough views so that your video gets an initial boost and can go viral.

More and more companies and influencers understand the need for a successful instagram page in today’s society. Video content is the content that is by far the MOST viewed and gets the most likes and comments. In addition, potential customers are much more likely to buy a product or perform an action after watching a video than after seeing a photo! Video content is becoming increasingly important and will only become more important in the coming years.

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Why should I buy Instagram views from SocialKings?

SocialKings is a well-known and professional social media company with a tested and proven secure system to give video views, likes, and followers to influencers and companies that need a boost. We use our high-end network to promote your posts and collect new views for your videos. We’ve been in Instagram promotion for years and we know how hard it is for newbies to start at the bottom with zero views. We are experts at helping people and businesses new to social media as well as established influencers and businesses in need of a pick-me-up.

How much do Instagram Views cost?

We have cheaper regular Instagram views and premium views. The premium views come from real users from the EU and USA. These are the best quality views available on the market. The maximum number of premium views you can order is 4000 per post.

These are the Instagram Views packages available:

Instagram Views Normal Views Premium Views
100 Views 0.99 2.99
250 Views 1.99 4.99
500 Views 2.99 6.99
1000 Views 4.99 9.99
2500 Views 6.99 19.99
5000 Views 9.99 39.99
10000 Views 14.99
25000 View0 29.99
50000 Views 39.99
100000 Views 49.99
1000000 Views 99.99

With the Integration and the growing importance of social signals for the Google algorithm, more and more companies have been triggered to use social media to bring their marketing campaigns to the attention of as many people as possible. to take. Social Signals help significantly in increasing your SEO and organic reach on Google. Therefore, in addition to buying Backlinks, these tactics are increasingly being used to get to the top of Google. In addition, while you do that, you build your brand recognition through Instagram and gain more loyal buyers and followers.

Is it harmful to my account to buy Instagram views?

Absolutely not! We deliver the views in a secure organic way and there is therefore no chance that your profile will get into trouble. The views are indistinguishable from real ones. Do you want to make sure that others can’t see that the views have been bought and that they suffer reputational damage? Then choose premium views that only come from real EU and USA profiles.

Why should you buy Instagram Video Views?

There are many benefits to buying views for your videos on Instagram. The biggest advantages are:

  • It has a direct impact on increasing your popularity. Having a good number of views on your videos is a huge boost to your reputation and credibility. That’s because, sadly but true, nowadays people will mainly judge your video on the number of views, likes and comments and not on the actual quality. That’s why buying views helps your video go viral on social media.
  • If you’re an influencer, buying views helps to get the attention of companies. If your video goes viral, it will be seen by many people worldwide. Not only ordinary people but also companies will see your content and therefore contact you more quickly for a sponsorship or a collaboration. Do you own your own company? Then buying views can contribute to trust and reputation in your brand or products. You will get new customers faster because enough views give a lot of social proof to your videos. This ensures more profit and more customers in the short and long term.
  • Buying views for Instagram will take your profile from a casual private profile to a popular influencer profile. Videos are the most effective way to generate engagement on Instagram. If you want to get a lot of views and also want to maintain that popularity, you have to regularly post good content and make sure your videos are watched. Purchased views give your video a boost at the beginning so that they will be seen by others faster.
  • With a higher number of views it will be much easier for you to get sponsorship and affiliate deals. Every investment you make in your profile (by advertising on Instagram or by buying followers, likes and views) will pay for itself by allowing you to charge a higher price as an influencer.
  • The Instagram algorithm will reward your popularity and hard work by showing your posts more often to new people and audiences. You are much more likely to get to the explore page. Once you’re on the explore page, your views can sky-high within a day.
  • If you make sure you use all your other social media promotes and mentions profiles in your Instagram videos, you will see that they will grow too. When it comes to social media profiles, everything is connected and you don’t want to miss any opportunities to grow organically.

How to buy instagram views?

If you have chosen to buy views and boost your account, the first thing you need to do is choose which videos you want to order the views for.

  • Choose which video you want to receive the views on
  • Copy the URL (link) to your video. You can do this by ‘sharing’ the post and then pressing ‘copy link’
  • Choose the quantity and paste the link in the URL field when ordering
  • Your order will start almost immediately, however, depending on how busy the server is, it can take a few hours before your views are delivered. Keep in mind that better quality views often have slow delivery.

Many websites sell the worst quality views for a low price. We try to deliver the best quality products so that it actually has a positive effect on your instagram profile.

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Is it safe to buy instagram views?

Yes buying views for your story, igtv video, post or REEL is completely safe. There is no chance that your profile will get into trouble because of this. Some people fear that buying views could get you banned, but if it were that easy everyone would be buying fake views for competitor videos.

What is the quality of the views?

You can choose USA views or Premium views of European profiles. The latter all come from premium profiles and are ‘real’ views. These are the best quality views you can buy and will give your visibility a huge boost.

How can you get a lot of views on Instagram?

In addition to buying Views, there are of course several things you can do to get more views for free. Here are some tips and strategies to get you started.

1. Manage your profile like a PRO or outsource it to a professional

Whether you manage your social media yourself or outsource it, you would do well to set up everything professionally. Make sure your profiles look tip-top and are well filled with interesting content. What are your business goals and how does your Instagram strategy align with them? Think about what impression you want to leave with your target group and potential customers. Look especially at similar companies and competitors that are already doing well on Instagram. What do they have in common? How are people’s reactions to their posts? Try to write down and adopt the best strategies. Do the best you can with your current knowledge and skills, isn’t it too much for you? Then find a social media manager to outsource this. On sites like fiverr and Upwork you can find good managers that are not expensive.

2. Work on a schedule

Set a posting schedule and stick to it. Do not post too little, but certainly not too often. How often depends on your niche, look at the frequency with which other social media accounts that are successful within your niche. Of course, nobody wants an account that posts 30 photos at a time once a week, so spread your posts over a number of days. If you post too much at once, it will irritate you and you will see that many people start to unfollow you or even mark your posts as spam. Concentrate on quality over quantity. It only takes one good post to go viral.

3. Post real photos and videos

Don’t flood your Instagram page with boring promotional posts about events, news and images with text. People are on Instagram to see beautiful images. Share real, highquality photos. If you want to add some explanation or text, use the captions for that. If you find it difficult to come up with ideas, you can start with this.

  • Photos of your product in different settings and with different backgrounds.
  • Photos in which people (regular people or influencers) use your product. You can make these posts serious, stylish, funny, controversial, whatever suits your brand best.

4. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags help the Instagram algorithm determine the best audience for your posts. You can also use hashtags to build communities or associate yourself with a particular community or movement. A third really good way to use hashtags is to create contests and giveaways.

5. Post at the right times

Timing is very important when it comes to Instagram engagement. The scope of your posts depends very much on the moments when you post. If you post at a bad time, your post may not get any results at all. Early in the morning or late at night are the best times to post. Do not post during traditional business hours and the worst day to post is Sunday. While Monday and Thursday provide the most engagement and traffic. So make sure you post at good times if you want to get more views.

6. Follow profiles within your target group

Follow Instagram profiles that are relevant to your target audience. Following people who have similar interests will always help you get more visibility. In addition, many people will follow your profile back and you will get more interested followers that way.

7. Choose a good Instagram name

Unless you are already well known and have a lot of brand recognition, people will not be so quick to search for your brand name on Instagram. To get the attention of people who are looking for your product, you can process the product name in your Instagram name. If people interested in your product search for this term, your profile will be at the top. This is a very good and strong marketing strategy that is not widely used.


Can you buy Instagram story views?

Yes, it is also possible to buy Instagram Story views.

Do the views last forever?

Since we only provide good quality views, you don’t have to worry about the views disappearing from your profile. The views come from real profiles using different IP addresses and devices. This makes it impossible for Instagram to recognize that they have been purchased.

Can you see who viewed your video on instagram?

You can’t see which people have viewed your video on Instagram. This is not visible to others. You can see how many people have viewed your video. If your account is set to public, your posts and videos will be visible to everyone. However, you cannot find out who has watched your video.

You can see who has viewed your Stories. To see who has viewed your story, open the story and swipe up. You will now see a list of names and profile pictures of the people who have viewed your Instagram story. This is visible for 48 hours and then this info disappears. It is not visible how many times someone has viewed your story.

View video views on Instagram

You can easily see how many views a particular video has. Go to your profile and click on the video you want to see the number of views of. Directly below the video you can see how many views your video has, and the names of a number of people who liked your video.

What counts as a view on Instagram?

On instagram a view counts if someone has your video longer than 3 secondsft viewed. Unfortunately, if the same person or profile views your video twice, this does not count as 2 views. So each view means that someone has watched your video for 3 seconds or more and each view comes from a new person. The same rule applies to stories, a view is visible if someone has viewed your story for more than 3 seconds.

So it makes no sense to have someone watch your video multiple times to increase your view count :P.

Is it illegal to buy Instagram Views?

No, this is absolutely not illegal. However, it is against Instagram guidelines to not to buy authentic activity. This is of course because Instagram is huge makes a lot of money from advertising. The expectation for 2021 is that this will be almost 18.6 billion. Any serious Instagrammer knows that in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to have organic reach, this is because Instagram is deliberately limiting this more and more, so that companies and influencers are forced to buy ads. Other activities that promote your profile without buying ads, such as artificially adding likes, followers and views is therefore also against the guidelines.

Do you have any questions about buying Instagram Views? Or do you want to know how to become even more popular on Instagram? Ask your question via the chat function at the bottom right of the page for help from our social media experts.

πŸš€ Fast Delivery πŸš€

All orders are processed automatically so that your likes and views are delivered very quickly! If you have special wishes about your delivery or if you would like a slower delivery, please contact us before ordering via the chat function at the bottom of the page.

πŸ† Lifetime Warranty πŸ†

These are REAL Instagram views that will stay on your profile for life. They are no cheap likes from BOT services, but high quality 100% real views. Your order has a lifetime warranty. If any likes or views are lost, we will always refill them for you!

πŸ›‘οΈ Safely order Insta views πŸ›‘οΈ

You may have heard that buying Likes on Instagram is dangerous and can result in a ban from your account. This is only possible if you buy views from an unreliable source. Therefore, never buy Instagram products from low quality scammy websites as it can do more harm than good.

We try to keep our prices as low as possible so that you can buy good quality and 100% safe instagram views for the same price. If you have any questions about this and would like advice or more information, please contact us via chat or email so we can help you.

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Pay your views securely with trusted payment services such as CoinBase, Credit Card, SOFORT and many more…

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Great that you added this option! Really easy to pre-order the likes πŸ˜— you guys are the best!!!” – Sara L.

”Top, works well” – Henk R.

”Super customer service, get quick responses and my lost likes were instantly refilled!” – Heidi S.

β€œThese products really helped me grow my Instagram profile. Especially in the beginning it was very difficult to get more followers, but as soon as I added likes I saw that I also got more real likes! I am now over 10K real followers and I still notice a difference in the posts that I boost myself in the beginning! Thank you so much for the good advice and care in the past few months, you have really helped me a lot! ❀️” – Jessy K.

Always fast delivery and good quality. – Bas H.

Do you have any questions about buying Instagram Views? Or do you want to know how to become even more popular on Instagram? Ask your question via the chat function at the bottom of the page for help from our social media experts.


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