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Buy Twitch Followers

Twitch is undoubtedly the most popular streaming platform today. The types of streamers on Twitch are gamers, youtubers, musicians and teachers. A very diverse platform where there is a lot of competition unlike other social media. It’s getting harder and harder to get enough followers on Twitch to give your channel social proof and appear popular and reputable. Buying Twitch followers will help you:

✅ Look popular and professional instantly

✅ Give your channel the boost it needs

✅ Get a head start on your competitors

✅ More visibility and better rankings

✅ Attract sponsors earlier

What are Twitch followers?

Followers on Twitch are people who have actively followed your channel. This means that every time you go live with a new stream, they’ll get a notification that you’ve gone live! More followers mean more live viewers for your streams.

What is the difference between friends and followers on Twitch?

You can have up to 500 friends on Twitch. Added Friends feature on Twitch to the whisper, i.e. private chatting, to make it easier. You can also see what your friends are seeing if you have this feature enabled. They’re in your friends list, so it’s easier to find and message them.

Subscribers are people who have paid to subscribe to your channel in exchange for certain benefits, such as ad-free TV, emotes, and a subscriber-only chat.

How many followers do I have on Twitch?

You can see the number of your followers on Twitch as follows

  1. Open the Twitch app
  2. Go to your profile picture and press it
  3. In the next screen, press your profile picture again
  4. Now you will be redirected to the profile view where the number of followers will be displayed at the bottom of your photo

If you want to see the number of your followers on your PC, you can also go to your profile photo after logging in and then to the Creator Dashboard. Then go to “Community” > “Follower List”.

Why are followers important on Twitch?

For large streamers with thousands of followers, it is not possible to keep track of their followers. That is understandable. But if you are just starting out on Twitch and want to increase your reach and popularity, building a personal relationship with your followers is very good. Treat your followers like friends and interact with them. This is how you build a bond and connection with your followers.

As a small streamer just starting out, it’s wise to take advantage of the Creator Dashboard available on PC. Here you can find additional statistics and information about your followers. If you suddenly lose a lot of followers, try to find out why. Maybe your videos no longer fit a certain target group. Be aware of this.+

Can you buy followers on Twitch?

Yes, it is very easy and common to buy Twitch followers. Of course, buying followers is only useful to boost your channel and is not an overall promotional strategy for your road to success.

Is it illegal to buy Twitch followers?

No, it is not illegal to buy followers. However, this is against Twitch policies. Twitch prohibits any kind of purchased followers or views through bot services. That’s because Twitch obviously prefers you to pay for your advertising in the form of ads.

Does buying Twitch followers work?

Yes, this still works very well. It’s especially helpful for boosting your rankings. Many popular and well-known streamers use bot services to boost their videos. Just like other social media, this is a common way to increase your popularity. Of course, this is the least popular way and nobody wants others to know about it, so there is little information about it.

Can you get a ban by using follower bots?

We have never experienced that. If getting banned was that easy, everyone would be buying fake followers for competing channels. You can be banned on Twitch if you do not comply with the content guidelines.

What are the risks of buying Twitch followers?

To keep your Twitch channel out of trouble, make sure you’re buying followers from a reliable source. Here are some tips to buy Twitch followers safely:

  • Check a website’s ratings first
  • Don’t take the cheapest offer, these are usually followers delivered via a bad bot service.
  • Guarantee: Choose sites that offer a delivery guarantee. If followers are lost, you can be sure that they will be replenished.
  • Secure payment via SSL encryption

Does Twitch pay you for the number of followers?

You’re not paid directly for the number of followers, but the average Twitch streamer in the affiliate program makes around $250 per 100 followers. That’s $2.5 per follower.

Twitch streamers who work professionally and stream 40 hours a week make around $3,000 to $5,000 a month. There are also Twitch streamers making millions like Richard ‘Tyler’ Blevins, aka Ninja. From streaming on Twitch alone, he made 5.5 million last year. Most of his income came from subscriptions.

How much do followers cost on Twitch?

100 followers on Twitch usually cost between 3 and 5 euros. The quality is expected to be quite similar. At least buy followers that have a guarantee. Then you know that the probability that they will be detected as fake and removed by Twitch is low.

What are the best sites to buy followers on Twitch?

There are many sites where you can buy Twitch followers. We have listed the 5 best sites for you:

Website Price per 100 Guarantee
SocialKings 2.99 for regular and 4.99 for premium followers Lifetime 3.90 Lifetime
likeservice24 3.95 or HQ quality 4.95 Money Back Guarantee
followersnet 3.50 30 days 4.84 no information 3.49
no information


How to get more followers on Twitch in 2022?

Your main focus should be creating interesting and relevant content. Content that people want to see and that entertains them. Whether it’s game videos, music mixes, educational content, interviews, or any other type of content, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Using other social media can also help you get more attention for your Twitch channel. This means that you have to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your channel. The advantage of this is that this promotion is completely free. Post all your content on the social networks you are active on and ask your friends to share it for you. You will see that this is a quick way to get more followers.

Leveraging YouTube is also a very good strategy to grow on Twitch. If you already have some subscribers on YouTube, invite them to follow your channel on Twitch. Then make sure you post unique content on Twitch that doesn’t exist on YouTube. It takes a lot longer to get paid on YouTube, but on Twitch you’ll get paid faster if you have more followers.

How many followers are enough?

Of course, more is always better. But the minimum number of followers you need to get paid is 50.

How much do you earn on Twitch?

If Twitch is not your full-time job, you will make between $100 and $1000 a month. That’s not bad for some extra income. To make money on Twitch, you need at least 100 followers. These aren’t hard facts, but you’ll never see a full-time Twitch streamer with less than 1000 followers.

How long does it take to get 50 followers on Twitch?

Some streamers reach this number within a few weeks. This is possible if you stream in a specific niche that has an active fanbase. But most streamers need 3 to 9 months. The process will be accelerated if you are very active promoting your content on other social media and being active in other communities on Twitch.

How do I get 50 followers on Twitch fast?

Of course you want to have 50 followers on Twitch as soon as possible to be able to participate in the affiliate program.

First off, you need to be serious about streaming and have a schedule. This includes a schedule for your streams, time and content. Think ahead about what you want to achieve and try to set an intention that you want to make a good stream before you hit the “Start Streaming” button.

Here are some quick tips to get more followers on Twitch for free:

  • Check out your old videos and rate yourself. What’s going well and what’s not going so well? Take notes and try to improve.
  • Fill in your bio with information about yourself and your streaming schedule.
  • Get a chatbot that promotes your content on other social media.
  • Share your clips to the YouTube Short Films or YouTube Highlight channels.
  • Become an active part of the community on Twitch.
  • Stream with a webcam that guarantees a connection with your viewers.
  • Talk constantly during your stream.
  • Be yourself, there is a lid for every pot and every streamer has its own audience.

How many Twitch followers do you need to make money?

The minimum number to join the affiliate program is 50. In reality, you need at least 100 followers to start earning any serious income.


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