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πŸ‘ Buy Facebook Likes

Does your company page have few likes on Facebook? And would you like to know how you can get more likes on your Facebook page? You can get more likes through social media marketing (slow and expensive), advertisements (fast and expensive) or by buying Facebook followers.

You may have heard bad stories or have had a bad experience buying Facebook followers yourself. This is because most sites only provide likes from cheap Asian profiles. With us you can choose high quality European page likes! For every like you also get a follower on your company page!

Buy followers for your fb business page as:

βœ… You want your business profile to look more popular and more respected

βœ… You don’t feel like or have the time to post for years to get more followers

βœ… There is a lot of competition in your niche and it is difficult to get ahead

βœ… You want people to trust your brand

βœ… You are looking for a quick and easy way to get more FB followers

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Only the best quality. We deliver high quality likes for a fair price!

πŸš€ Deliveries are automatically started and processed 24/7. Delivery is lightning fast. The average delivery time for Facebook products is 0-1 hour.

πŸ† All our products are guaranteed for 60 days, should there be If there are no followers, we will always replenish them for you!

Buy likes on Facebook

Anyone who sells their products through Facebook, wants to become famous or just wants to socialize more can benefit from buying Facebook photo likes. There are many benefits to buying Facebook photo likes:

  • Lots of likes on content you publish on your page will increase the number of followers on your page.
  • It can also boost sales of your products or services.
  • By adding the link to your website below the post, your website will also be promoted extra. This way you can increase the number of clicks to your website.
  • By buying likes, you attract the attention of real organic users. They visit your profile and will follow you faster on your page or your personal profile.
  • This will increase the popularity of your page faster.

More likes on Facebook profile picture

Do you want to make sure your profile picture gets a lot of likes? There are a lot of tips for this to make your photo look good and stand out. These tips and tricks will make it easier to get a lot of likes on your profile picture!

  • Make sure you have a lot of friends. If you only have 100 friends then the chances are slim that they will all like your profile picture. Usually about 20% of your friends respond with a like on your profile picture. If you have 500 friends, you will get about 100 likes from them.
  • Always like the profile pictures of your friends! So it is not only important to have many friends, but also to actively interact with likes and comments.
  • Post your new profile picture at a good time. You can look up for what are the best times to post something.
  • Smile with your mouth open!
  • Provide an original, funny, catchy description with your photo. This certainly ensures that you get more likes than with a photo without a nice description.

How do you like a photo on Facebook? Or a message?

  1. Open Facebook. Tap the Facebook app icon (mobile) or go to in your web browser (desktop). This will open your news feed if you are logged in. If you are not logged in to Facebook, enter your email (or phone number) and password, then select Login.
  2. Scroll down to something you like. Scroll through the posts in your News Feed until you find something worthy of your attention and affection. If you have a specific item you like, type the name of the person who posted it in the search bar at the top of the page, then select their name, select their profile and scroll down to the post. You can also like pages or companies.
  3. Select the Like button. Tap or click the thumbs up icon under the thing you like. Doing so will “like” it, which will alert the person who posted it that you liked their post. To revoke your like, tap or click the Like button again.
  4. See other “Like” comments. There are other “Like” options, such as a smiling face or a heart, that you can use to “reply” to a message instead of simply giving it a thumbs up. To do this:
    1. Mobile – Tap and hold ‘Like’ until a menu of comments appears, then tap the comment you want to use.
    2. PC – Hover your mouse over Like until a menu of comments appears above the Like button, then click on the comment that you want to use.
  5. Like comments. You can tap or click a post below a comment to like it. You can also use replies to comments in the same way as for posts. (via Wikihow)

How more Likes on Facebook page?

Want more likes on your Facebook business page? Tired of promoting your Facebook page? Only to see very few results? Don’t worry anymore! We have the best tips that will ensure that you get more likes on your Facebook page over time. By using these Facebook marketing hacks, you can increase your brand awareness, improve user engagement and boost your Facebook page fans.

Facebook Likes vs Followers

Someone who likes your Facebook page is called a fan of your page. If a fan ‘likes’ your page, they automatically follow you too. In addition, having Facebook fans means that these people have chosen to associate their name with your Page publicly.

Conversely, when someone follows you, it doesn’t automatically make them a fan. Someone can follow your page, but not “like” it. This means that they receive updates when you post, but they are not publicly associated with your Page. Ideally, it’s best to get Facebook fans who like and follow your business page at the same time. You can use it for social proof as Facebook fans may also appear in ads about your Page. Are you ready to get more likes on your Facebook business page? Here are our tips!

Facebook page likes headlines

Nowadays it’s not easy to leave a real impression on Facebook. This is mainly due to increasing competition and reduced natural organic reach. Can you buy likes on Facebook? Naturally! So take advantage of our services to seriously increase your page and photo likes – greater organic reach and high levels of interaction will follow naturally. Check out which services we all offer.

Buy 50 Facebook likes?

You can even buy 20 likes from us if you want. 20 worldwide likes cost just $0.99. For the High Quality European page likes you pay € 2.99 for 20 likes on your page. If you want, you can gradually build the popularity of your page without it seeming to grow too quickly in the beginning.

How to get more likes on Facebook page?

There are a number of things you can do yourself to get more likes on your Facebook page. Of course it is important to regularly post something on your page. This can be anything, a photo, video, text, Facebook Live or ad. It will all lead to engagement with your followers. Hopefully people will respond to your post and like or share it.

Especially the likes you get can easily gain you new followers. You can use the page inviter for this. You do this by clicking on the number that indicates the number of likes of the post. This will open a window in which you will see the list of names of everyone who has responded. There you can also see whether all those people already follow your page or not, and invite them to it. In general, this quickly yields 20% to 50% followers of the total number that you invite in this way. It works best if you invite them soon after they respond.

Like Facebook page as companyΒ 

Another way to get more exposure and attract more followers and likes is to like more other pages and posts from your own company page. You will see that other companies will often follow and like you back. With this you quickly reach a larger audience. How do you do this?

Follow these steps to like a page as your business page:

  • Switch to your company page.
  • Navigate to a post or page you want to follow and/or like.
  • Click the Like button at the top of the page.
  • This is the same process as when you like a page from your personal profile.
  • With a post: comment and/or like the post.

Pages are not notified when a page likes them. That is why you can leave an extra comment with a post so that you let us know. When you leave a comment, the post name and thumbnail image are those of your company page, not your personal profile.

Which Facebook pages have the most likes?

As of October 2021, the most followed page is the Facebook App page with over 190 million followers. The second most followed page is that of Samsung with more than 161 million. The most followed person is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, with more than 150 million followers as of October 2021. Colombian pop star Shakira is the first person to reach more than 100 million likes and followers on Facebook, becoming the most “liked” music celebrity on the social network. (wikipedia)

Buying Facebook likes illegally?

You may think buying likes is illegal. However, this is not the case. Buying and selling likes for Facebook is perfectly legal. However, it goes against Facebook’s own guidelines. According to Facebook, it is not allowed to buy likes from third-party services. lNote: According to the ACM, it is not allowed for companies or influencers in the Netherlands to buy streams.

Buy UK Facebook likes

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to buy Dutch Facebook likes. The profiles you can choose are either the High Quality European profiles, or the cheaper worldwide profiles.

How much does 500 likes cost on Facebook?

The best likes we sell are High Quality European page likes. These are 100% European profiles that ensure that your page continues to look credible. 500 of these likes cost €29.99. If you prefer cheap (worldwide) profiles, you only pay €9.99 for 500 likes on your page.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy Facebook likes experiences 

”Came very quickly” – Mir M.

”Super Fast and works wellπŸ‘Œ” – Sandra F.

”Really good fast delivery” – Jessy S.

”Very good customer service! Quick response to email!” – Benna P.

”Top, always get some more and they stay” – Harry D.

”Excellent service!!! Always get a quick response and solve everything for you!” – Jeremy H.

”You get a little more every time and it’s a lot cheaper than other sites” – Ermina L.

πŸ‘ Buy Facebook page likes

These likes work on Facebook pages. So they are not friends for your personal profile. Buying likes will instantly make your page more popular and more attractive to true fans! This is a shortcut to quickly give your company page more exposure and to be taken seriously by potential customers.

πŸ”— Use the link to your Facebook business page

Copy the link into your browser’s address bar when you’re on your business page. This way we know exactly to which page we can send the likes. Unfortunately, if you only enter your name, we cannot process the order immediately.

❀️ Buy 20 Facebook page likes

You can opt for small amounts of followers, starting from just 20 per order. This way you can try it without risk and see if you like it without obligation. You can also make several smaller orders spread over a few days to make the growth look real.

πŸš€ Does buying Facebook followers help make my page more popular?

By adding more followers, your company immediately gains more prestige and looks more reliable to potential customers. In addition, this adds social proof to your Facebook page, this is a powerful psychological marketing tool that ensures that people will like your page faster.

πŸ“ˆ Facebook likes marketing strategy

Nowadays all entrepreneurs understand the importance of social media. Unfortunately, an enormous amount of time is often spent and messages posted that no one sees or reads. Social media marketing cannot work for every company and usually does not yield a return. Just like the company blog where there is an update every week about ‘news’ or what is happening at the office to come across as more personal. As well-intentioned as this is often, nobody really wants or will read this. In addition, Facebook has greatly reduced the organic reach of posts in recent years to promote their paid advertising platform as much as possible.

To get more likes you always have to spend money, be it on a social media agency, advertisements or buying likes.

More likes on your posts and more followers gives your company or brand enormous social proof that makes people trust you more and are more likely to buy from you. Social Proof is a powerful psychological tool already used by marketing experts. Buying likes and followers is the cheapest and fastest way to add social proof!

πŸ’² Buy cheap Facebook page likes

Buy cheap good quality Facebook followers for a fair price. In other shops you are often 2 to Lost 10x more (depending on the amount) We deliver better quality followers for a realistic price!

🏎️ How fast are the followers delivered

The delivery of the Facebook products is lightning fast. You will often receive your order within 1 hour.

Very occasionally it happens that Facebook has made an update in the algorithm, because of this the delivery is always delayed by a few days. In that case, it may take a few hours before you receive your order. As soon as we are aware of this, we will post a notification on the product page!

πŸ€” How do I make sure it doesn’t look fake?

Make sure you don’t suddenly get a lot more followers. If you have 10 posts with 10-50 likes, do not immediately add thousands of likes to a subsequent post. It is best to send some likes to all posts on your profile so that you can slowly build up the number of likes or that they all have about the same number of likes-

βœ…Make sure the number of likes is realistic compared to the number of followers. You can roughly stick to these rules:

  • up to 1000 followers: 50-200 likes per post
  • up to 5000 followers: 200-500 likes per post
  • up to 10,000 followers: 500-1500 likes per post

βœ…Add comments to posts with more than 500 likes

βœ…Don’t add the exact same number of likes to every video! Make sure there are fluctuations!

βœ…Also add emoji likes like πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ€£πŸ˜₯😑. How much and which one depends on the subject of the post.

Buy English Facebook followers and likes

Unfortunately, there is currently no offer of English page likes. For that reason we have the High Quality European page likes. These are 100% European profiles that keep your page looking credible.

If you prefer cheaper followers, choose the worldwide page likes!

πŸ€– How does this work?

We have developed an advanced Ai delivery system that uses global profiles and proxies to get the likes. The fb likes come from a combination of real profiles (old profiles that have been bought up) and bots (profiles that have been created especially for this). All profiles have a profile picture, name and frequent posts.

We only use high-quality profiles, so they are indistinguishable from the real thing. If you are not completely satisfied, we would like to hear from you! You can contact us via the chat function at the bottom of the page.

πŸ† 60 Days Warranty πŸ†

These are Facebook likes that stay on your profile for life. They are none cheap likes of BOT services, but high quality 100% Real Facebook likes. Your order has a 60-day warranty. If any likes or followers are lost, we will always refill them for you!

πŸ›‘οΈ Reliable ordering Facebook likes πŸ›‘οΈ

Although according to Facebook it is not allowed to buy views from third-party services, these likes are completely safe to buy. We guarantee that these are 100% real likes that are delivered in an organic way. Note: It is for companies or influencers in the Netherlands according to the ACM not allowed to buy streams.

We try to keep our prices as low as possible so that you can buy good quality and 100% safe and reliable facebook likes for the same price. If you have any questions about this and would like advice or more information, please contact us via chat or email so we can help you.

πŸ’³ Pay securely πŸ’³

Pay your likes securely with trusted payment services such as CoinBase, Credit Card, SOFORT and many more…

Do you have any questions about buying Facebook products? Or do you want to know how to become even more popular on Facebook? Ask your question via the chat function at the bottom right of the page for help from our social media experts.


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