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Complete Guide to Facebook Reviews for 2022

What is a Facebook Review?
Have you ever thought of enabling the Facebook Reviews tab on your Facebook business page?! Well, this post will convince you of that.

The advantage of being able to accept honest reviews from your customers on the most popular social media platform is a new chapter in your pursuit of transparent communication with your customers.

Facebook reviews are essential for any small business as potential customers often visit local businesses on social media to see online reviews before making a purchase. And these days, customers tend to leave testimonials publicly rather than rate companies through messages.

This means that entrepreneurs need to pay more attention (on a daily basis) to their star ratings and positive reviews on Facebook. Because the algorithm is very, very smart and a well-optimized business page on the social network can help your business significantly.

Especially now that Facebook has turned reviews into recommendations and is extending this functionality to the user’s feed, if someone asks for advice and a friend mentions a specific brand page, that listing will appear as a recommendation in the Reviews tab on the Facebook page of Facebook. the brand displayed.

Just think of the opportunities that satisfied customers can bring to your business. There is an opportunity to start selling to new customers with the help of existing customers. And the secure Facebook marketplace is one of the most effective sales channels for your business. If you want to professionally manage your Facebook reviews and display them on your websites, you can try EmbedReviews, a complete solution for your customer reviews.

How do I enable Facebook reviews?
Before we get into how to encourage customers to leave reviews, it’s important to make sure your Page allows them in the first place. If you have already configured these settings, you can skip this step.

However, if you’ve just created a new Facebook business page or aren’t sure if reviews are enabled, it’s worth checking again. To allow reviews on your Facebook page, log into your page, then click the Settings tab in the top right corner, followed by Templates and Tabs in the left navigation:

There should be a Review item under the Tabs section. If not, scroll down and click the Add Tab button, then select Add Tab next to Reviews.

Click the Settings button to the right of the Ratings tab. Next to Show ratings, make sure the switch is set to ON:

When you are done, click the Save button.

You can check if you’ve enabled Facebook ratings by visiting your Page. There should be a ratings tab in the left column:


It’s worth noting that Facebook determines a business Page’s rating based on reviews and recommendations. Users can only see your Page’s rating if you have recommendations turned on.

How do I get more reviews?
1. Buy 5-star reviews to increase your site’s rating
The best way to increase your review rate and secure your place in the best ecommerce profiles is to buy Facebook reviews. Now it’s easier than ever. And all you have to do is buy our Facebook reviews product and get 5-star reviews like it’s nothing.

With SocialKings you get 5 star ratings, fast shipping and a boost in your feedback page score – what a blessingdig is for dropshippers. We only offer the best quality and deliver high-quality reviews at a low price!

Deliveries are automatically started and processed 24/7. Delivery is lightning fast. The average delivery time for Facebook products is 0-1 hour. So you don’t have to worry about when you will receive them.

In addition, all our products come with a 60-day warranty. So if reviews are lost, we always fill them in for you!
2. Send automated emails to customers requesting and rewarding reviews
A review request is when a message is sent to the customer about a good or service, inviting them to leave a review based on their experience. Communication can be via email, telephone, SMS or for local businesses, in person or by letter. A review can be requested for the business, service or product purchased. A common example of a review request is when satisfied customers leave a review for an e-commerce brand after purchasing a product.

The purpose of a review request (especially in e-commerce) is to collect reviews for your business or products. Reviews are crucial because they provide social proof to your website visitors who are looking for other people’s experiences. When they notice that a significant number of people have negative experiences, they are less likely to make a purchase. However, if they see that a significant number of people have positive experiences, they are more likely to buy something. Reviews are important because 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase.

What are the benefits of asking for a review?
1. Credibility, Trust and Social Proof
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3. Gives you feedback
4. Helps Create Content for Your Marketing
5. Increase your rating on sales platforms

How do I get positive site feedback when using dropshipping?
Dropshippers struggle to get positive feedback, especially because of the longer delivery times. A dropshipper must have positive feedback. Unfortunately, for most dropshippers, the only way to do this is to buy 5-star reviews.

And, as we said before, it can be hard to get reviews the hard way. Or you can use SocialKing’s Facebook Review product and have it done in an hour or two. The product is very suitable for dropshippers and there is no risk associated with our product.

This is truly one of the best and easiest ways to get reviews on Facebook and become trustworthy to your followers. If you need likes, followers, friends and comments, be sure to visit the official SocialKings website.

What happens if you have a negative feedback score?

Facebook has implemented a new feedback system that could result in businesses being banned from advertising if they cannot maintain an acceptable level of customer satisfaction.

Customers can now send feedback about their business experience directly to Facebook.

A short one-tap survey is available after a user completes a purchase initiated through a Facebook ad.

Users can rate their experience with a sad face, a neutral look, or a happy face. A questionnaire is then displayed where the user can provide more information.

Feedback is only given to companies if they get a lot of negative feedback. Facebook is giving the company a chance to improve before taking further action.

If the feedback doesn’t improve, Facebook will reduce the number of ads the business can run. β€œThis can go as far as banning the advertiser,” the company says.

This feedback system was introduced due to customer frustration after buying stuff from Facebook advertisers.

Facebook’s previous community standards and advertising policies only applied to users’ experiences on the platform itself. B. Clicking on an ad on an online retailer’s website or app to make a purchase.

For the most part, it sounds like businesses shouldn’t have any problems as long as their ads don’t mislead customers.

How does your feedback score affect your ad serving?
Page feedback scores are calculated based on a variety of feedback, including information from surveys and interactions between people and businesses. One of the ways Facebook uses this information is to rate each page between 0 and 5. These ratings are continuously updated based on the latest feedback.

Pages older than a year:

When a page’s feedback score falls between 1 and 2, the page will have a limit applied to your ads. This means that the ads are less peoplen reach for the same budget.
If a page’s feedback score falls below 1, it should not be advertised.

Pages less than a year old:

If your site’s score falls below 2, it should not be advertised.
Note: You can find the page’s creation date, which determines how a page is treated, by going to your page’s timeline and scrolling to Page Transparency.

Please note that any attempt to circumvent this enforcement is a violation of our System Redirection Policy and may be subject to further enforcement action.

If your page is currently restricted or not allowed to show ads, you can request a review under Account Quality.

monitor feedback
You should continuously monitor account quality feedback to understand how well your business is meeting customer expectations. Account Quality provides the information you can use to identify issues that contribute to negative feedback. Feedback is collected from people who have made purchases through ads on the Facebook platform and may differ from your customer satisfaction data.

Let’s say your page’s rating drops to 3 or below. In this case, Facebook will notify you via email and notifications when your Page is about to be banned from ad serving or ineligible for ads.

Page feedback ratings and related enforcement actions described in this article apply only to companies that sell products online. If you believe your Page has been incorrectly classified as an e-commerce business, you can request a status review of your Page under Account Quality.

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